Why It’s Worth Investing In Hamburger – Making Machinery!

Hamburger production is undoubtedly a “multi-billion dollar business”. Their consumption has become a trend and is now preferred by everyone, at any time of the day!


More and more entrepreneurs are investing in street food every day, with the goal of reaching more and more “everydayconsumers. In this way, they communicate with them, thanks to the open kitchen, which fits this kind of catering.

According to people in this industry, fast food can be equally qualitative. Many entrepreneurs put the weight on quality, because fast production rates also require the right product. The secret to the ultimate burger, is a machine that does not bother the product during the molding process and at the same time works quickly and accurately.

Lakidis SA, based on the increased demands and needs of this industry, has created the FR 200L, a special 4th generation hamburger machine! The FR 200 L is the automatic machine that can produce a hamburger, with minimal human intervention, delivering huge labor cost savings.

FR 200 L is a machine: functional and efficient.

…Let’s have a little talk about Technical Specifications.

  1. Maximum Form Dimensions : 620 mm x 180 mm
  2. Maximum Thickness of the form : It depends on the clients needs
  3. Maximum Diameter of the burger : 160 mm
  4. Maximum Weaight of the burger : 250gr
  5. Maximum sized burger thet can be produced  : 180 mm x 150 mm
  6. Production Capability :  1800 burger / h

With a customised order the machine can be supplied with a special system for soutzoukaki (croquet, chevapsisi, kiofte).