A leader in Food Processing
Machinery Industry

Lakidis Food Processing Machinery is the leading representative of the food processing machinery manufacturing industry in Greece, with an extensive international clientele and partners on 4 continents.

Founded in 1965, the company maintains a constantly evolving presence, through the investment in the most modern technology and know-how, in the unceasing research and development of production, as well as in the universal service and support of its customers.

Today, Lakidis Food Processing, privately owns a total area of 5,000m2 at the 14th km of the old National Road of Thessaloniki - Veria, with vertical production lines for mass and personalised food processing machinery, equipment and consumables, as well as exhibition, used and remanufactured machinery, always through the credibility of its brand.

Our History


Establishment of the Lakidis Food Processing Machinery company

Nikolaos Lakidis, a refugee from Istanbul, creates, together with his father, a small machinery shop on Giannitson Street, in Thessaloniki. The passion for mechanical engineering and the thorough study of both the needs and the available technology of the food processing industry, lead Nikolaos Lakidis to make the first opening in the field of cold cuts, but also to create a series of specialised meat processing machines, under the brand “Lakidis Food Processing Machinery”.

The first milestone

The rapid growth rates of the company lead to the transfer of the Lakidis Food Processing Machinery facilities to a more central point of the wider area of Thessaloniki, while 1000m2 of premises were added to its production facilities.

A significant expansion

The continuous expansion of the production process led to an increase in needs, that inevitably led, by the year 2000, to the creation of privately owned facilities of an area of 5000m2, where they are now installed the production and administration of the company, supported by the most integrated infrastructure.

Οpen to the international market

The company forms a dynamic and constantly evolving network of international collaborations and sales, in more than 27 countries around the world, offering the top quality of its products and services.
2010 - Today

A leading representative of the food processing machinery manufacturing industry

Lakidis S.A. has, according to the data, one of the most powerful company profiles in the field of food processing machinery production, with a number of production codes, personalised innovation solutions, but also with a dynamic and continuous presence in both the Greek and the global market. From 2021, Lakidis S.A. serves its customers also via its new and complete online store.