and Certificates

Based on high quality standards N LAKIDIS SA checks every detail before the product reaches its final destination. Regarding quality, the company’s actions ensure that high levels are retained at all costs, therefore remaining extremely competitive.

Basic company advantages combine the right price of Products and on time delivery.
Highly skilled personnel and the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 system within the company along with CE certification of N LAKIDIS SA Products, ensure that safe, proper and fast flow of production information exists.

N LAKIDIS SA guarantees for the quality of its Products not only because it implements an ISO system but also because the company’s suppliers do so. Therefore all materials used for production are checked and certified.

The company’s organization is of such kind that high product quality is ensured, materials suppliers must be certified and personnel is constantly trained in all areas such as production, commerce, installments before and after sales servicing.