Lakidis Food Processing Machinery knows your needs, which is why our goal is to provide you with complete support services and, furthermore, with the most efficient after-sales support.

Considering the research study and development of new product codes and applications, the innovation integration most reliable, presonalised and custom solutions, the production, construction and always on-time delivery of its products, the precise installation, and the complete maintenance, after-sales support and spare parts, the well-trained technical support team of the company has the ability to offer its direct and complete services.

Study and Design

Lakidis S.A. supports the development of new technology applications to produce specialised proposals for each type and kind of food raw materials that can undergo the necessary processing. With the most up-to-date technical means, the R & D team consistently contributes to the development of new product codes and applications, offering to each customer a comprehensive solution that fits perfectly to their own production line, ensuring both top quality of their result and speed and economy of the procedure.

Upon completion of the tests and the practical completion of innovation integration, all final applications are adapted to the product code variations, while they are also available for a first acquaintance in the showroom of the company’s facilities.

The application of innovations allows Lakidis Food Processing Machinery to create new codes, which correspond to a very wide range of raw materials to be processed. Thus, the indicative categories of raw materials originate from meat, vegetables, pastries and puff pastries, to extend to biscuits, seafood, spices, and even pet food.

Custom solutions

The goal of Lakidis Food Processing Machinery is to offer complete solutions for the optimum performance of our partners’ food line; for this reason, the company’s fully-trained team studies the unique requirements of each case and proposes or even develops fully personalised solutions that will cover each individual specific feature. With innovation being the principal characteristic, through in-depth research, Lakidis S.A. production codes are constantly evolving to the point where today the fourth generation of some of them is already available. The possibilities for exclusive individual modifying interventions in current codes are evolving too, so that they can manage even the most demanding material with absolute precision.


The production of the processing machines is entirely carried out by Lakidis SA, in a vertical production line. From the certified raw materials which the company owns, to the final assembly and installation, it is characterised by the top quality, the strictest specifications and the credibility of the name.

The company’s specialised personnel, as well as the latest technology equipment, both in research and design, as well as in the production, ensure the construction and delivery time precision – two principal values that govern the entire production, from the company’s very first steps until today. In the field of construction, Lakidis S.A. also extends to the construction of ancillary components, such as molds, forming plates and forming sets, for specialised handling and shaping of finished products.


Lakidis S.A. specialised personnel knows that the proper installation of a machine in the production is of utmost importance for its functionality. For this reason, it undertakes the installation of its products, ensuring the conditions and parameters for both proper and optimal function and performance. Our priority is the provision of integrated care services to partners who use food processing machinery in their production and not just their sale to interested buyers.

Maintenance/ Support / Spare parts

Lakidis Food Processing Machinery goal is to offer complete support services even after the sale of a machine. The well-trained technical support team of the company can directly and fully offer its services when it comes to maintenance as well as when it comes to repair and for solving any problem.

Taking into consideration the proof of reliability and high quality of its products, which translates into a one-year guarantee, but also the complete products construction with its own raw materials and exclusively at the company’s facilities, Lakidis SA has the exclusive know-how as well as all the spare parts for the most immediate intervention and handling of any problem for proper machine operation. At Lakidis S.A. we build trust, long-term and consistent relationships governed by consistency and reliability.