PR700 | The pastirma press that gives a shape to your passion !

One of the most popular appetizers in the countries of Central and West Asia, is pastirma. Sometimes made from beef and sometimes from lamb, camel, pig, goat or buffalo, it is offered in small pieces as a garnish, as an additional ingredient in pizzas or cutted into thin slices ready to serve.

After the preparation of the meat and the stage of maturation, an extremely impressive process is following, where the meat takes the well-known flattened shape, by applying the pressure from the pastirma press. In this stage undertakes Lakidis SA.


The Lakidis PR700 machine specialises in pressing and dehumidifying meat and other related products.

It is a reinforced and heavy duty stainless steel construction (the entire frame and the inner part are made of ). in order to meet the requirements of daily production, which by nature has its own peculiarities.

The PR700 pastirma press allows the operator to adjust the pressure value from 0-150 bar, depending on the requirements of the product.

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