Lakidis PZV1000L : The Trial

Lakidis Food Processing Machinery is one step ahead of the solutions offered in the food processing sector.

With technology always at the center of our activities and our genuine love for the food industry, we are able to listen to the needs of the market and provide specialized solutions, depending on the specifics of each customer’s product.

One of these solutions is the PZV1000L mixer. With 2 internally reinforced Z-type winds and innovative design that allows fast and optimal mixing, this machine is specially designed for very demanding products – and speaking of demanding products – we will focus on the production of Sugar Paste.


Velvety texture that doesn’t crack, doesn’t break and stretches easily“. These were the four characteristics that the perfect Sugar paste should have. After the request of one of our customers, and considering the importance of testing the machine under real conditions by the operator, we proceeded to the mixer trial.

With the intensive and constant mixing of the raw materials placed by the operator in the machine, but also with the almost complete evacuation that was achieved in the minimum time, the result justified the reputation of PZV1000L, as one of the best mixers in its category.

Do you want to discover the capabilities of the PZV100oL? The flexible and efficient mixer is at your disposal, any time you decide to test it with the product you produce, by making an appointment here : 2310 722772, or by e-mail at: