FR300 | The most smart, quick and safe solution for frozen food cutting

Every industrial food sector requires a specialised cutting machine.

Whether it is meat or fish or even vegetables or fruits, cutting the frozen food before the processing  you avoid the contamination and nutrient loss , you ensure the freshness of meat and reduce the user refrigeration costs.

Did you know about the Lakidis FR300 Flaker? With a specially designed stainless steel rotor which rotates with two (2) speeds and cuts the food product into thin flakes, the FR300 significantly reduces processing time and improves the quality of the final product.

As the strongest Lakidis cutting machine , it offers maximum productivity 2000-2500 kg / hour for products of temperature -15º C to -18º C. A pneumatic system is responsible for the feeding of frozen meat blocks into the rotor  and during its operation all the required  special safety systems are applied.

DC Breaking System, is the safety system that it is responsible for the mechanically and electrically mashine’s instantly braking in case of emergency. In addition, the FR300 has a special safety system for braking the machine when opening: 1) the front cover 2) the unloading platform 3) and while the removing of the collection bin .

The Lakidis SA Team proposes smart, efficient and safe solutions for every application and that’s why we complete the range of our frozen food cutting machines with the codes FR100 and GN400.

Our Flakers cover the daily needs of a wide range of industries such as meat, fish and dairy industries, also for the production of juices from frozen fruit blocks, for the cutting of frozen vegetables, as well as for the cosmetic products.

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