ELV200 Loader | High Productivity with zero waste of time

The lifting of the raw materials is of paramount importance for the food industry, as it speeds up the processing to the maximum and reduces the workload of the operators.

With LAKIDIS SA loaders , the feeding of your machines becomes an easy case!

Specially made of AISI 304 stainless steel, they are designed to meet the health and safety standards required by the food industry, in accordance with CE requirements.

The variety of our loaders is suitable for processing lines of meat, poultry, fish, fruits & vegetables, bakery, vegan meals, snacks, confectionery and petfood products.

The ELV 200 lifting machines with a bucket capacity of 200 L are available in two (2) types, fixed (for floor mounting) and wheeled (with rolling base).

Depending on how the production area is set up, the customer can choose between the four (4) versions of the ELV 200A, B C and D for unloading on the machine from the front or from the side. In any case, our team of specialised technicians is always at your disposal to suggest the ideal solution!

Putting safety at the center of our attention during the construction of the machines, we have added extra safety systems that ensure the employers protection.

  • Chain break system.
  • The bucket locks on the fork –  in a safe position.

Our technical team is always available to give you great solutions for your production needs.

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