More juicy meat with TBL90 Tumbler

Curry, paprikaginger, saffron, garlic or tarragon?

Whatever marinade you choose, the TBL90 promises you a tender and extremely tasty result!



While manufacturing poultry products, chicken  is mixed with a variety of non meat ingredients, including tasty flavourings, spices, and salt.

Marinating is the simplest way to enhase the taste . Tumbling while adding moisture and fat helps the final product to became more tender .

Lakidis SA comes to provide a high standard solution in the preparation of chicken products, in small size and convenient production volume . We are proudly presenting the Tumbler TBL 90 with Vacuum technology.

The slow and homogenius  mixing of the tumbler in combination with the application of  negative pressure, results in the tumbling of all the muscle fibers and the creation of a soft and tender meat.

As Vacuum technology forces the meat to open its pores and fibers, the marinade enters the center of each piece of chicken, achieving a uniform marinade and finally a more juicy, tasty and presentable end product.

The TBL90 Barrel with ergonomic size and 90lt capacity is just as efficient and useful for a small unit but also for a larger meat processing laboratory.

Indicatively, in addition to poultry products, doner, minced meat, burgers, kebabs, sausages, steaks, breaded fillets and fish are also mixed and marinated.

Learn more about the TBL90 by downloading PDF here.