How To Choose The Right Machinery For Sausage Production!

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In recent years, traditional meat products have been gaining greater market share, as more and more people love their consumption.


Sausages are made from excellent  raw materials, as the type of meat, the amount of fat and the vary of spices will really give the product the specificity it needs. In fact, as a result of dietary changes, buffalo sausages, black pigs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and even vegetarians have begun to be produced…


Based on the special needs in the production of fine traditional sausages, Lakidis SA suggests you four (4) ideal machines that will showcase your  excellent raw materials at every stage of the production process.

Phase 1 : Grinding with ML130

The basic requirement to produce top quality product, is the ‘clean cut‘ of meat and fat. The meat should be coarse, stands out and not crushed because of bad grinding. Lakidis SA -ML130- Minced Meat Grinder is the ideal solution for a softer, tender and without cartilage minced meat, as an automatic denervation system is included. Learn more. 


Phase 2 : Mixing with LM150:

During this process, a portion of the meat protein dissolves with the help of salt and joins various components together. The mixing machine LM150 is indicated to ensure consistency of your product when mixed with salt and various spices. Learn more. 


Phase 3: Filling with MAINCA ΕΜ30 

Pushing the meat into the gut is now done in a milder way,  thanks to the MAINCA EM30 Filling Machine with adjustable speed & pressure. Lakidis SA, as the official representative of MAINCA, has ready-made machinery and provides you with complete support in the purchase and service of your equipment. Contact us to find out more.


Phase 4 : Heat Treatment with FRC900

After filling, the traditional sausages are dehydrated and, in some cases, smoked, with the necessary equipment. The FRC900, special  heat treatment chamber, is considered the most ideal solution for preparing the final stage of drying & color stabilization, smoking and finally heating the product.   Μάθετε περισσότερα.


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